Leading by Example



Olfers Advisory Group is a unique company based on the award-winning personal practice of Karlan Tucker, and operated by Ross Olfers. Our group operates across Texas and is based in San Antonio. We specialize in providing consumers and businesses alike, with access to sophisicated retirement planning products.

Our objective is to meet the needs of clients nearing, or already enjoying, their retirement with safe-money strategies. Ross made a promise to his first client, his own father, that he would never lose one cent of his savings. Ross has kept this promise not only for his father, but for every one of his clients entrusting him with their hard-earned dollars. How many advisors can say that?


Vision is something that cannot be taught. You either have it or you don't. Find out how Ross can revolutionize your vision of a new way to secure retirement dollars. Retirement for Ross's clients has changed from worry to security — from uncertainty to confidence - from fear of loss to guaranteed gain. Didn't think this way of retirement was possible? It is. Contact Olfers Advisory Group today and we will explain how.


Innovation brings with it the great opportunity of new possibilities that others have not before envisioned. But new is not always good. Balancing innovative money-management tools with tried-and-true techniques allows Olfers Advisory Group to be a leader that embodies the best of the old and the new. 

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